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"She Lies Within an Icy Vault..."

(From "Sunshine")

She lies within an icy vault;
It glitters like a cave of salt.
All marble-pure and angel-sweet
With candles at her head and feet,
Under the ermine robe she lies.
I kiss her hands, I kiss her eyes:
"Come back, come back, O Love, I pray,
Into the house, the house of clay!
Answer my kisses soft and warm,
Nestle again within my arm.
Come! for I know that your are near;
Open your eyes and look, my dear.
Just for a moment break the mesh;
Back from the spirit leap to flesh.
Weary I wait; the night is back;
Love of my life, come back, come back!"

Written by Robert W. Service (1874-1958)


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